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[person name=”Rachelle Farelle” picture=”” title=””]Rachelle Ferrell began singing at age six, and developed a six octave range by adulthood. She received classical training in violin and the piano at an early age and was performing professionally on both instruments and as a vocalist as a teenager. After enrolling in the Berklee College of Music, and graduating a year later, having learned arrangement and developing her abilities in singing and songwriting, she secured a position teaching music for the New Jersey State Council on the Arts alongside Dizzy Gillespie.[/person]

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[person name=”Frédéric Yonnet” picture=”” title=””]Frédéric Yonnet is best known for his use of the harmonica as a lead in jazz, R&B, funk, gospel and hip-hop influenced music. His ability to play chromatic scales on a diatonic harmonica gives him access to twice as many notes as the instrument is designed to deliver. Described by Rolling Stone as Prince’s “killer harmonica player”, Yonnet gained popularity for his on-stage performance with music icon Prince and his harmonica duels with the legendary Stevie Wonder.[/person]

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