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Sundays in the Redwoods

Event Information



The City of Oakland, Parks and Recreation (OPR) is proud to host our Annual Sundays in the Redwoods Outdoor Concert Series. Sundays in the Redwoods is a four week concert series held in the Woodminster Amphitheater, a rustic facility located deep within Oakland’s Joaquin Miller Park nestled in the hills of Oakland, overlooking the magnificent Oakland Bay Area.

What to bring?

A healthy attitude, a spirit of laughter and comfortable dancing shoes!

You are allowed to bring in food for personal consumption as long as it fits in a one gallon, Ziploc bag, or a small (six-pack sized) collapsible soft-sided cooler to fit under your seat.

One factory sealed water bottle, or other non-alcoholic beverage (up to two liters in size).

General Admission Seating 

All seats are great.  Seating in designated area will be clearly marked for ADA and tables reservations attendees, and will be released at a designated time for attendees.  General admission seats cannot be saved after the show begins.

All of your belongings must be able to fit underneath your seat

ADA Seating

All City special events shall be accessible to persons who use wheelchair or have other mobility impairments as required by the ADA and codified by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Designated Aisle Seats: In facilities with fixed seating, aisle seats shall offer folding or retractable armrests in accordance with ADA requirements. Designated aisle seats shall be those located closest to accessible routes. These seats shall be identified by a sign or marker designating their use for individuals with disabilities. Courtesy Seats shall be released for general seating once all other seats are occupied.


Table Reservations 

Table reservations include:

Table for 8 nestled in the Redwoods mainly behind the stage

Most tables have an umbrella

What can you expect and what will we offer?

Inspections:  For the safety of all patrons random searches will be conducted.  ALL PATRONS must show bags and container contents upon request before entering venue.

Food and Beverages will be available for purchase.

A variety of food & beverage vendors will be on site, limited food and beverages will be allowed at the discretion of event staff.  Alcoholic Beverages will be available for purchase and you must be 21 years or older in order to purchase these beverages and government issued I.D. is required (i.e. State issued driver’s license or I.D. card, Passport).  Anyone under age found drinking will be immediately removed from the grounds.

ADA Parking

Sundays in the Redwoods and other large-scale general admission events, Parking Lot 4 will be set aside for state issued disabled persons parking license plate or (blue) placard holders. When Lot 4 is set aside for disabled persons, an attendant will be stationed there and signage directing qualified persons to Lot 4 will be posted on the Sanborn Drive approach.

General Admission Parking Available (limited parking spaces inside park)

The following items are prohibited: 

● Professional cameras with extended zoom lenses

● Audio Recorders

● PETS (with the exception of SERVICE Animals)

● Alcohol

● Outside Beverages (with the exception of FACTORY SEALED plastic beverage bottles no bigger than 2 liters)

● Glass or Cans

● Fireworks (including sparklers)

● Weapons

● Bikes, Scooters or Skates

●Tables, Tents, Sun Umbrellas or Other Large Umbrellas

●Video Equipment

●Large ice chests- over 12″ diameter (size of a 6-pack holder) or hard-sided

●Radios & TVs

●Barbecues or hibachis

●Footballs, Softballs, Frisbees, Beach balls or Balls in general.