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Our need for play never stops.

Knowing that we live in a fast paced society – one of long hours and long commutes, and our kids are being driven by technology and video games, OPR offers a wide range of programs for the young and old alike. We recognize the on-going need for skill building, companionship, physical challenges, team participation, and artistic expression. It is important to play, recreate, imagine and simply connect to one another.

OPR Plays With A Purpose

There is a purpose for play. There is a reason for our play. Our babies learn when they play, our children are healthier when they play. Our youth are engaged when they play, our families are unified when they play. Our communities thrive when they play. With a purpose – our purpose is to Expose, Enlighten, Empower and Encourage Educational Excellence through Recreational Experiences.

Expose, Enlighten, Empower and Encourage Educational Excellence through Recreational Experiences!

Director’s Welcome


I am pleased to be surrounded by the talented team of staff at Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development (OPRYD). I am also pleased to be a part of this Oakland community, a vibrant and supportive city bursting with untold possibilities. ‘Sundays in the Redwoods’ is one of many examples of the endless possibilities of what we can accomplish together.
It is my desire to support OPRYD with more opportunities to produce high quality, relevant programs and world-class customer service.

I share this thought in hopes of encouraging all of you to stay the course and continue to support us. Give it your best and remember the importance of all the work we put into our collective communities and the City of Oakland. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let’s keep moving forward,
In Service

J. Nicholas Williams

Cultural Arts Supervisor

Karis Griffin
Karis Griffin
Sundays Project Manager

I am forever grateful for all of the hard work that the amazing OPR sta put in on a daily basis for the citizens of Oakland. I am proud to be a part of this awesome team. I also want to acknowledge my family and especially my husband Careth Watson, for putting up with my rigorous schedule over the past eleven years. A special thank you goes out to those who make ‘Sundays in the Redwoods’ the incredible event that it is; Mercedes Ervin, Frederick Morris, Desmona Armstrong, Zermaine Thomas, Robert Davila, Kola Thomas, Stepha- nie Benavidez, Erin Burton, Mike Tatmon, Catherine Cornelius, Rich Buchanan, Mandolin Kadera-Redmond, Alethia Walker and their wonderful families who understand the nature of community work. There are so many others that help with ‘Sundays’ and they make the hard work always look like fun.

Of course I want to thank Darrin Hodges, whom I call my right hand. He is always smart, kind and ready for any challenge and we have had many. Thank you

Darrin Hodges
Darrin Hodges Sr.
Production Manager

For The Past 13 Years

Sundays In The Redwoods has given me the most exciting and challenging mission of being consistent and creative as the Production Manager for each series in which OPR yields the best artistic representation, of any production big or small. It gives me great joy to be a part of something so great in our beautiful CITY OF OAKLAND. A special thanks to a great production team, which I’m forever grateful to work with each year.

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